An introduction to this blog

Hello world!

In this weblog you will be able to follow the progress of our project “Exploring human-robot co-production with Baxter”.  In the previous post you have already met the leader of our group: Baxter the robot.



We will explore the possibilities of using Baxter together with a human in a production environment by attempting to assemble an Ikea lamp together with Baxter. At the end of the project we will present the result on a science fair. Here is a rough draft of what we want to achieve:

Week 0 (22-9 to 28-9): Playing around with Baxter and trying out some things and running some demo code.
Week 1 (29-9 to 5-10): Rough demo of assembling with Baxter
Week 2 (6-10 to 12-10): More user friendly with instructions on screen
Week 3 (13-10 to 19-10): Testing and refining our product
Week 4(20-10 to 26-10): We can assemble one lamp together with Baxter and maybe add more things to assemble
Week 5(27-10 to 29-10): Finishing touches for the Science fair on the 29th of October

Although we have only started in week 2 with updating the blog we will post updates regularly.

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