Week 1

In this post we will discuss the things we have achieved in the first week of the project.

After theĀ troubles Baxter fortunately worked back on the network of the lab. The lamp we want to assemble together with Baxter has many ‘flowers’ mounted on rods radiating from the center of the lamp.


The first challenge to overcome is to get familiar with the SDK and learn how to control Baxter. Following some examples and trying out many things we made Baxter rotate one part of the lamp to allow the assembling of the flowers which Baxter can pick up and present to you.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

We encountered a couple of problems while programming Baxter. For example actions get queued up, that is if press the button to rotate the lamp while it is still rotating it will queue up all the actions. We have not found a way to clear this queue.



Baxter came with a set of suction cups but they could not pick up the flowers so we ‘engineered’ some rubber on Baxter’s hand to pick up the flowers.

One big part of the project is making Baxter do what we want and another part is theĀ face of Baxter which we will use for a GUI. In the second half of week 1 we thought about what we wanted to do with this GUI and how we wanted to do this. We found ‘BaxUI’ as another project with Baxter but unfortunately this was more of a small test and not a complete API for a user interface. In the GUI we want the user to be able to select the product they want to assemble and cycle through the steps if necessary.


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