End of week run down, plus auxiliary details

Boom, end of week report.

So far we have been able to implement the finite state machine (see previous post) and managed to iron out some wonky behavior of baxter.

Things are looking good and we are looking to start testing with people ‘off the street’. Meaning we are going to bother some of the other groups that are in our lab and maybe some friends to test out how working with baxter works.

Now it;s time to talk about the little things.

One of the goals of this project is to ‘present’ our work with Baxter. For this we are going to haul Baxter and whatever else we need to a different part of the building so people can put together the ikea lamp with him. I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the other stuff .

Current Baxter set up

This is our current set up, you can see Baxter, the cart we have been using as a workspace to hold the lamp components, a compressor to provide the air for Baxter’s suction cup finger, and the rest of my teammates surrounding the computer (both of which are essential).

This whole setup needs to be simplified and put onto the cart, which I’ll upload a picture of when it’s done.

The most critical part is getting a laptop with the same linux image as the desktop we are currently using and then connecting that to the somewhat confusing network setup that Baxter has.



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