Last week and preparing for the Science Fair

The last week before the science fair was mostly tying up lose ends, and finetuning the interaction with baxter. The most important thing was baxter working properly, so we finished the code and the interface so they complete each other.

Now baxter is able to assemble the lamp with you, and works exactly as the interface says it does. Also baxter has a tutorial feature to learn people how they can teach baxter different commands and waypoints. In the following days extra information about the code part and the interface part will be posted on the blog.

Interface 1 2014-10-24 12.49.02

To make sure everything worked propperly we started testing baxter, first by using him ourself, and next by asking other students from our minor to try and use baxter so we can see what is and what isn’t clear in the interface and the use of baxter. This way we still chaned a lot in the interface, and the interaction with baxter to a level that we tought was good for the science fair. At the science fair itself we can test on even more people, just by letting them play with baxter, and see what they can do!

To present baxter we needed to make some extra things. For a start we 3D printed extensions on het claws, so beaxter can hold het lamp better, and added rubber on the sides so the lamp would stick better.

2014-10-23 11.03.08

We also made a standard with the lasercutter for the bows of the lamp which can be attatched to the table we will put in front of baxter for the presentation.

2014-10-28 14.42.51

As you will remember from week 2, we made a container for the flowers, but it couldn’t contain much flowers. The problem was the spring, because all of the higher springs we found were to stiff, and pushed to flowers straight trough the hole. So we decided to make our own springs with a 3D printer. We needed a spring with the right strenght and wich would be stiff enough, so we just printed a lot of springs with different heights and thicknesses. When we finally had the right configuration for the spring we also made a platform which fitted into the spring, and could support the flowers.

2014-10-17 15.32.042014-10-24 12.45.402014-10-23 11.02.00

And last but not least, we lasercut the actual flowerholder

2014-10-24 11.46.49 2014-10-28 11.19.54



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